Saturday, February 9, 2013

NeMo & LetterMo Days 6-9

The past 24 hours have been spent without electricity thanks to Nemo. The power went off shortly after I finished writing a letter yesterday evening (around 7PM) and did not come back on until 9PM this evening. I had a whole day of collaging envelopes and postcards planned, only to finish one postcard before I ran out of glue. Instead of collaging envelopes, Nathan & I spent a couple hours taking a walk and digging our cars out of the snow. I'm very thankful that I do not have anywhere to be this weekend but wanted to get my car "ready" for when I go to work on Monday! This desert rat has survived her first blizzard. Fun times. I'm still kind of in awe over all of the snow. I don't believe the mail went out today but I did put a letter in the outgoing box! I do hope everyone who had to sit through the storm are safe, warm and did not have to go anywhere this weekend!

I really love those green and pink striped washi tape. I will be pretty sad when I run out of those guys. Also, how awesome are those two ladies pictured on the envelope?

In love with the red and black combination. Unfortunately I do not have the mad skills to hand-carve a rubber stamp like the flower one pictured top left. Maybe one day. 

I wrote this letter as the snow started to fall on Friday. The purple washi tape reminded me of snowflakes. 

This blue envelope features lyrics to one of my favorite songs. Any guesses? Also really digging the blue/orange combo. I love when I collage an envelope without a color scheme in mind and it sort of comes together on its own.

LetterMo - Day 1
LetterMo - Days 2-5


  1. I love that photo of the two girls with shot guns! Ha, I would love to find that in my mail box. Good luck with Lettermo, I've been participating as well, and it's been a lot of fun!

    1. I wish I had copies of the photo, I'm pretty sure I would paste it on everything. Good luck with your LetterMo adventures as well! It has been a lot of fun so far.