Friday, February 8, 2013

LetterMo Days 2-5

I have been writing letters every day for seven days and I have to say, it feels great! I especially like having my Google calendar that tells me who I am writing to each day. I think I will make that a habit when LetterMo is over. It is probably the easiest way to stay organized as far as what reply letters I have to write. I have a nice little routine going; after coming home from work I check my mailbox, photograph my incoming mail and log it into its appropriate place(s). Then I update my Google calendar with the people I have to reply to and look at who I will be writing to for the evening. This year I have been on top of keeping track of all incoming and outgoing mail, I hope I can keep it up for following months.

I don't typically doodle on envelopes, or even stationery, but sometimes I get into the mood to do so. I'm kind of loving the doodle I did around the address. I wish I had the inspiration to do more of them! I'm also really kind of obsessed with hand-carving stamps. I'm sticking to simple shapes and words right now but I like it.

I have also been having a ton of fun decorating stationery and picking out little things to include with my letters. This lucky recipient is receiving a rubber stamp hand-carved by yours truly. Nothing too special, as I used my alphabet stencils for the letters. I quite like it, though. Might have to make more. 

Some more of my hand-carved rubber stamps lining the sides of the stationery. I had a pretty hard time carving that silly scallop stamp. It was hard to make the edges align if I wanted to stamp it next to each other. This envelope, if you forgive my overuse of tape, is one of my favorite. I love purple and green together.

LetterMo - Day 1

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