Friday, February 1, 2013

LetterMo Day 1


I wrote my first letter for LetterMo yesterday evening. I decided to write yesterday so I would be able to send a letter out today. Since I have to work during the day, there wouldn't be a way for me to write a letter and send it on the same day!

It was especially nice to come home from work knowing that all I had to do was write a letter. There was no time "wasted" collaging an envelope, so I spent more time on the letter itself, decorating the stationery and including some nice paper bits. I think I am going to try to limit myself to one letter a day for this challenge. I want to limit myself so I spend more time on writing a quality letter and sending along things I think the recipient would enjoy. Already having my envelopes ready really makes this a lot more possible! I think every month I am going to try to take a week and collage 5 envelopes every day. Hopefully that will turn into more than one week per month but we will see!

I hope the person who receives this letter enjoys it! The two stamps I used at the top of the stationery are my first (and second) hand-carved rubber stamps. I am getting a little more into hand-carving rubber stamps lately and am kind of embarrassed how terrible those look! Oh well, I still like them.

I posted a Facebook status for my friends to send me their addresses if they wanted to receive a letter. I am impressed with the amount of responses I got! A lot of people I know seem to be pretty interested in receiving mail, not so sure how they feel about sending it! I hope that my mail to them inspires them to write their own letters.

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