Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Impressions

Envelopes are your first glimpse into your mail friend's personality. Do they like getting their hands dirty, making their own envelopes out of books or magazines? Do they prefer a more simple style, keeping the envelope plain but selecting their favorite pen to write your address or using their favorite postage stamp? Are they a bit more crazy, pasting whatever random paper bits they can find to the front and backs of envelopes?

I love noticing the little details that people put on their envelopes. A quick doodle, a nice stamp (rubber or postage!), beautiful handwriting or a pretty sticker. It's all wonderful.

How would you describe your mail personality?


  1. Nice showings :) I could definitely like to get dirt on my hands, but because of my current living situation (student in a small apartment, moving soon) I don't have paint or fancy equipment. So for now I use what I have: Letter stickers, labels, different kinds of paper and colored pens. I like to give my penpals (and swap partners) something unique and creative, something made special for each person :)

    1. Awesome! It's tough being without all of your supplies but it seems you are making the best of it! I can't be trusted with paint, I just stick to collaging :)

    2. But collaging is pretty great looking too :)