Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mail Call

A lovely selection of letters received this week. One postcard was sent to me from Janie Davies, the lady who put a call out to save her Vermont post office. I think I sent 8 postcards to her PO box in total and she sent me two back! The second one postcard was received this week and it is a print of her post office that someone drew. It is pretty fantastic.

All letters have been replied to and will be sent out on Tuesday! I am being a bit lazy this weekend and haven't put them in envelopes yet. I made a few envelope collages on Saturday while watching the world's most terrible movie, Cosmopolis. Has anyone seen it? I read a review that said something about how it seems the actors are all doing their own personal monologue and I thought that was spot on. It's a bizarre movie, the script is terrible and the acting is pretty awful as well. At least I had something to do while watching it! 

Today is Easter so Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates it. I am in no way religious but Easter is my favorite holiday. My birthday lands on Easter every so often so that makes it a special of a holiday for me! My 29th birthday will be the next one that lands on Easter. Nathan and I had fun coloring eggs and eating way too much candy today. My work handed out free hams so we had that for dinner.

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