Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lovely Surprises

I blogged about the letter I sent to Georgette so today I think I should feature the letter she sent me!

I absolutely love getting mail from people on Sendsomething. There seem to be an amazing amount of creative people on that website and it is such a treat to be on the receiving end of their creativity. As well all know, maps are my weakness and this map envelope is fantastic. I just now realized the map is of California (and a bit of Nevada!) and Victorville, my favorite city in California is right next to my address! Victorville holds a special place in my heart because my family and I would go to California a lot and Victorville was usually where we stayed as a halfway point. I took a trip with a friend to Coronado, we drove overnight and got to Victorville as the sun was rising. One of my favorite moments and my favorite Polaroid.

Isn't that the lovely thing about letters? They spark memories from out of nowhere. Anyway! Georgette included a lot of great things in her letter to me. The fortune teller fish, which seems to be a popular item these days, is a lot of fun. I think my fortune was "passionate".

She also sent a really cute, old children's book page from Tiny Things Are Cute that she ordered just for me! She looked for a page that had a date close to my birthday, which ended up being April 14th and that page has a story about a boy and Rhode Island Red chickens! I also received some cute book labels, Keroppi post-its, monkey stickers and neat lists to fill out. Thanks, Georgette!