Friday, January 25, 2013

Old Outgoing

This letter was sent all the way back in November. I don't even remember what I did in November. All work and no play! The letter was a reply to a nice package sent from Georgette, a fellow Sendsomething-er. 

Another ivory sheet of paper decorated with some of my washi tape. The postage stamp washi tape is one of my favorites except for the fact that the text "scrapholic" appears after 5 or 6 stamps. I think it is a bit distracting but at least stationery & envelopes are small enough that I can usually cut that part off with no worries.

The "Hello Georgette" label is from my little handheld Dymo label maker. I forget about that sucker far too often. My only wish is that the label tapes came in more colors. I found some cute pastel ones once but can't remember where. Hopefully I will stumble upon some soon as I am down to my last pastel blue tape! My favorite is the clear.

I am really kind of fond of this collage, or maybe I am just really fond of the green and purple leaf paper. 

Psst: I completed 30 collaged envelopes. Almost all set for LetterMo! All I need now is a list of people to send a letter to. If you're interested in receiving one of these envelopes (and a nice letter!) let me know! Feel free to send me an email at with your address.


  1. I love the washi idea, consider it stolen. I will have to tell you what I did with a fish I recieved! And the Georgette is fab!
    My Best,

    1. I am excited to see what you did with the fish! Washi tape has been a life-saver, I wish I realized how easy it is to spruce something up with it sooner!