Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Day

Nothing like a hurricane day from work to get caught up on all things mail! Well, organizing all things mail! If you can believe it, I only have 3 (!!) letters to reply to. I've been a very productive mail artist, collaging envelopes on my days off so I have a stash to use at all times.

Task #2 came out for the Lovely Letter Exchange. This was a fantastic letter prompt: 10 questions! I love asking (and answering) questions of all kinds so I was very excited for this exchange. My partner, Catrin, sent me an email so we could get our letters on track instead of sending them randomly and not being able to reply properly! She sent out her reply to my first letter along with the 10 questions and I would reply to that letter with my reply to her first letter & my 10 questions! Confusing enough?

This fun envelope features some of my favorite things: doilies, Tiffany Lamp postage stamps, the floral rubber stamp set I have and scalloped edges. Also, I've been a bit obsessed with "framing" images with scraps of paper. I used the bingo daubers I have to color the doily teal. The daubers come in handy quite often, I use them to ink rubber stamps and make random, colored circles on envelopes and stationery. The back of the envelope, pictured at the bottom, features more of my favorite things: maps, used bingo sheets, washi tape & photos! The photo I pasted to the back is one of the first ones I took with my Holga camera. I miss using that camera and taking film pictures in general. Once I have a bit more money, I will start using film again. There are quite a few different options in Rhode Island to develop film. One of them being a community darkroom, organized by AS220, in downtown. That would be the Number One reason why I love Rhode Island!

 I brought out my beautiful, blue typewriter to type out the 10 questions I came up with for Catrin. I finally found a (semi) permanent home for my typewriter so expect to see more typed things show up in your mailbox! I still haven't named this amazing machine. Any suggestions? The blue combined with the off-white keys makes my heart skip a bit.

 If you had to ask your pen pal 10 questions, what would they be?

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