Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Postcard Week

Last week, May 6-12, was National Postcard Week. In the past, I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to celebrate. This year I am trying to send more random mail and what better way to do that than by celebrating National Postcard Week?

I've got a bit of a project going on where I am trying to send as much mail as I can afford to the lovely folks on SendSomething. Most of the mail I send to these strangers are just postcards that I hope they enjoy, sometimes I find a profile that is a bit more inspiring than others and I send an envelope packed with things I think they might enjoy.

So, National Postcard Week! I managed to write a postcard every day of the week but only sent postcards on 3 separate days. Have I mentioned that my current mailbox does not have a flag? Well, it doesn't and apparently that means my mailperson refuses to pick up any mail I may put in the mailbox to be sent out. It's kind of nice, though, because there are a bunch of collection boxes within walking distance so I get to enjoy a beautiful walk around my neighborhood if I want to send out mail on my days off. The days I work, I go into the lovely post office down the road from my job!

May 7 - Sent out 12 postcards (all for Postcrossing)
May 9 - Sent out 5 postcards (2 for Swap-Bot and 3 for Sendsomething) and 3 letters
May 12 - Sent out 22 postcards (5 for Postcrossing, 3 for Swap-Bot and 14 for SendSomething)

Did you do anything special to celebrate National Postcard Week?

Here are some of my favorites of the postcards I sent out:

Seriously in love with these postcards by Ranger Doug

From a postcard book that I picked up in a thrift store.

Love these Ikea art cards

From the Rex Ray Postcard Book @Chronicle Books

From the Happy Animal Time Postcard Book @Chronicle Books. I love every postcard in it!

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