Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello, Rain

 Growing up in the desert, there is nothing more inspiring and beautiful to me than gloomy, rainy days. I woke up early enough this morning to witness a lovely foggy morning. At least, foggy to me!

There is something about this weather that just makes me want to write letters. I am lucky enough to have the day off today, with not many responsibilities. On gloomy days like this, I have a habit of writing letters while watching a movie on my laptop and listening to the cars pass by through a cracked window. I love the sound of cars driving on a wet street!

Although I will be writing letters and watching movies today, I am also going down the library. I really want to start reading more and I haven't been in a library for ages! I'm really excited about the fact that there is a library within walking distance of my apartment. I am looking forward to walking there on less rainy days!

I started using Goodreads again last night. I like being able to have an easy way to keep track of all the books I have read and books I want to read. I'm trying to remember all the books I have read over the years but it is hard without the physical book in hand! So, I hope to keep better track with the ones I read in the future.

Do you have any book recommendations? I will read anything! With books and movies, even if I don't like what I am reading/watching I have to finish it just because. When I worked in an arcade many years ago, there was a random history textbook sitting in the back room. I ended up reading the entire thing because it gave me something to do. I am planning on reading a lot of Upton Sinclair because I loved The Jungle but never got around to reading anything else.

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