Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Postcrossing Postcards

 It seems I have come down with a cold. Luckily I don't have to work until the evening so I get to relax in bed all morning. These past two weeks have been pretty stressful for me lately. I've gotten a bit behind in replying to letters and, unfortunately, kind of feel burnt out on writing. Don't you just hate when life gets in the way of the things you enjoy? I think the reality of moving across the country has finally caught up with me and I am having some trouble keeping everything balanced. Everything will sort out eventually!

One thing I am really hoping I get to do is go to the Cambridge Typewriter shop's Type-Out event. Keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have to work that weekend. Maybe I will find a reasonably priced typewriter to add to my collection (a collection that is stuck in Las Vegas for the time being!).

I have a ton of mail pictures to post! I was pretty active on Postcrossing in April which meant my mailbox was happy and full of nifty postcards. I've slowed down a bit since then as I don't have much spare money to throw around on stamps and I want to put my pen pals ahead of Postcrossing. 

From Germany

From Netherlands

I really love this postcard! Such a nifty design. From Illinois

From Pennyslvania

From Pennsylvania

I love rounded edges on a postcard. From Russia
I love that this stamp is not your typical square postage

From Brazil.

From Ukraine

Some lovely stamps

From Japan

Adorable postage!

From Thailand
First postcard from Macau!

From Belarus

From Netherlands

This is a pretty typical stamp but I love the design

From Indonesia

From Taiwan
I love the colorful stamps.

From Russia

Cute giraffes from Russia!

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