Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fountain Pens and Pterodactyls

Just some dactyls hanging out

As some of you may know, I have a slight obsession with pterodactyls. This obsession is completely and totally my mom's fault. She used to make up knock knock jokes and other random things for me and my brother. My favorite being Tara piece of paper and, of course, Taradactyl (she also revised the song "We Are the Champions" to "We Are the Hammonds"). I love when I get pterodactyl things in the mail and also finding them randomly, like this pencil sharpener.

Now I just need some pencils to sharpen!

  Nathan took me to a cute antique store last weekend and I found some pretty great things! It was my birthday on the 16th so he had an idea to find an old fountain pen for me to restore. There was not much of a selection for pens, maybe 5 different ones but I was able to find two that I liked. Fountain pens are slowly becoming another obsession of mine. I know nothing about restoring fountain pens, or even fountain pens in general but it seems like it could be fun! If I ever get around to doing it, I will definitely post pictures of the progress. The owner of the shop was lovely enough to give us two pens for the price of one and just as we were about to leave I spotted the pterodactyl pencil sharpener. Ah, antique stores!

A bit dirty but hopefully I can clean it up!


I think the clear body of this pen is kind of neat


  1. Hi Tara,

    You've probably seen this many times, but your post reminded me of this commercial. It still makes me laugh.


  2. AH! I have never seen that before. Pretty awesome, thank you! Haha.