Friday, April 20, 2012

Small Things

 I went to an IKEA store for the first time ever a few weeks ago. I was pretty excited to go as I used to love browsing their things online and it seemed like such an experience to go to the actual store. The closest store to us is in Massachusetts, about a hour drive (which is yet another reason why I love living on the East Coast)

I was actually pretty disappointed in the store! I like how you can touch and basically try out everything but it also made me overwhelmed. I felt like no matter what I was missing out on seeing something cool. It was definitely interesting, especially when we got to the restaurant in the middle of the store. A little confusing but clever! Nathan and I stopped to eat just because. The food wasn't anything special but we did buy some hazelnut chocolate and that was delicious.

I saw these packages in the home decor area, noticing mainly that they were the only thing I could afford in the store (50 cents each!). They are labeled as "art cards" but all I saw were cute 4x6 postcards that I could mail to some lovely strangers on SendSomething. I only bought 2 packs which I totally regret. The one on the right was the only one left and although the designs and color in the other are fantastic, I don't like them as much!

I also picked up two of these guys. Another cheap purchase, I think they were a $1 each! I figured I could use them as a temporary way to store incoming/outgoing mail. Not too impressive but useful!

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