Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free Time :)

I am so loving having all this free time! I actually sent out Postcrossing postcards, which I don't think I have sent any out at all this year.

Today, Bobby and I went to go look for a dog at one of the animal shelters. I finally brought over my dog from my mom's house. My dog has always been around other dogs, so it is kind of boring for him to be here by himself. He actually escaped today while we were gone! I didn't think about it, but the one fence we have is pretty high off the ground (he is a small dog) and he went right under it. Luckily he didn't run away, he was just waiting for us in the driveway instead of the backyard. Also lucky he didn't get picked up animal control!

I think tonight I will reply to the two letters I received yesterday and maybe some letters for people on Sendsomething! Super sweet. I really want to start swapping again! I have to make the most out of being unemployed :) It is pretty easy to do here because the only thing I have to keep me from accomplishing anything is this computer (which, unfortunately, takes up entirely way too much of my time).

Postcard from a private swap with a Postcrosser

Postcard from Annabell@Sendsomething

Sent out today:






Postcard for Annabell@Sendsomething

Letter for Rebecca@Sendsomething

Postcard for a private swap with a Postcrosser

Letter for Joseph

Trying to get rid of some of my Las Vegas postcards! If anybody would like me to send you one, let me know! I'd be more then happy to send one written on or send a few blank ones for you to use :)

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