Friday, July 1, 2011

Mail, mail, mail

All day today was spent making envelopes :) I had 4 books stashed away to use for envelopes and finally got around to pulling out all the useable pages! Two books were history and 2 were children's... all in all, I made 75 envelopes. I'm not quite sure what I will do with them all! I would like to start putting stuff up on my Etsy again but we'll see.

Bobby put up our new mailbox yesterday so I was able to use it today to send out all the mail I did yesterday. I forgot to take a picture of the actual mailbox but this is what is looks like:

This was our old mailbox:I love having a flag on the mailbox, not quite sure why the old one didn't... also being able to lock it is a plus. The old box had a lock but we didn't have the key for it. I really wanted to get a super fancy mailbox but they are expensive! I was surprised to see how much they are, even the plain one we bought was $60. Maybe one day I can get a super cute fancy one. I absolutely love having the mailbox by the door, haha. I remember always wanting a letter slot in the door when I was a kid so having my mailbox right by the door is the next best thing.

I had to take a picture of my drawer full of deco tape. I was finally able to put away all the stuff I purchased from an old pen pal and most of the things were deco tapes. They are all so pretty, I'm starting to use them more on envelopes but I'm not sure how I will use them all... haha. Too much tape!

After reorganizing all of my supplies, I realized I have a lot of things that I will never use and no room for so I'm planning on doing a few giveaways in the future. I'm planning on putting a some things together in the next few days and will hopefully have a giveaway posted by Monday! So keep an eye out :)
sneak peek of some items that will be featured in the giveaways:::

Finally, here is the mail that I sent out today in my new mailbox! (I can't wait to receive my first letter/postcard/whatever from someone at my new house!!)


I saw over on the Missive Maven blog a mentioning of a postcard exchange website I've never heard of (Walltype). I decided to try it out and sent this card off (which might be my first and last for the website)

Letter and some goodies for Rona@Sendsomething

Postcard for Natalie@Sendsomething

Letter for Tracy (I used deco tape for the stripes on the back)
Letter for Becky


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