Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teach Me How To Sleep

I hate starting these blogs out. I never have anything to say when I sit down to type one up!

I totally broke my mail-a-day resolution after like 4 days. Last week was pretty busy, I had that wedding to go to. It was definitely a wonderful wedding and I'm happy to have went & happy for my 2 friends. The only lame part was when my friend, the bride, forced me to go dance. I just stood there like an idiot because, well, I really can't dance.

Yesterday, my family celebrated Bobby's & my step-dad's birthday. That was a lot of fun and Bobby got a signed picture of the Dead Kennedy's and two books (one about communism and one about the fall of Soviet Russia!) I got another jury summons yesterday. I'm supposed to go this Tuesday! Oops, that reminds me I'm supposed to call my work today.

I also received some nice letters in the mail yesterday and will post pictures of those later. As well as pictures of the super cute stationery I bought and super cool rubber stamps.

I'm tired of working.

OUTGOING aug14;;

Reply to Katie

Reply to Margie

Reply to C.R.A.P.


To Ashley Rae over at the Good Mail Day blog

From Margie

From C.R.A.P. (I love the Via Uranus stamp)


  1. Hey! I recognize one of those outgoing cards! That "Asian Themed" one is mine!

  2. How cool! Glad you enjoyed the card :)