Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Criss Angel Is Super Lame

Today was a good day.

Criss Angel is the most lame person on this planet, OK?

Anyway, here is some mail.

A reply for Bruno, sent 08/04-made 08/03

A reply for Misha! Made 08/04-sending 08/05

From Katie!! Look at the note on the envelope from my mailman. If you can't read it, there was a postage due and my mailman paid for it! I thought that was super nice so I left him a note and 2 dollars in my mailbox (I once got a letter with a postage due of 1 cent, so my mailman paying for 58 cents was totally unexpected). I still can't figure out why there was a postage due, there is a stamp on the left side saying "new postal rates, standards identify this as a parcel" which is totally weird &have no idea why they would consider it a parcel. Did they do an increase I'm somehow not aware of?

ANYWAY! Katie's letter was fabulous & the things she included are just as awesome. The cards are so funny, the bunny one is so odd... all I can think is RAPE. The value book is awesome especially because it comes with the stamps and I'm excited to cover envelopes with them.


  1. ahh sorry there wasn't enough postage :( I thought 3 stamps would be enough!! Haha aren't those cards weird??

  2. No big deal on the postage! I think the post office were just being jerks. The cards are extremely weird but hilarious.

  3. Well, we've all had our share of bad postal employee experiences, but I don't think MOST of them mean to be jerks, and I do have to jump to their defense for the incredible volume of mail they handle, mostly successfully, every single day.

    Katie's letter was probably a parcel due to its girth/width. If it doesn't fit through a certain-sized slot (which a postal clerk can demonstrate if you bring it to the window of a post office), then it cannot be mechanically sorted like a letter. Hence the rates. Or, it could also be weight. I'd have to have the specs to say for sure. But how LOVELY that your mail carrier made up the postage due!

  4. I haven't had many bad mail experiences and I definitely give them all credit for all the stuff they have to handle each day.

    You make a good point about the girth (I always forget about that) but I really don't believe that it is bigger or heavier then other things I have received. I guess I could do some more inspecting to figure out, haha. I'm incredibly thankful for my nice mailman!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!!
    I got your letter this week and it was FABULOUS!!!! Thank you!! (And I just stumbled across your blog by accident!) I sent a reply out the other day. :)


  6. Yay! Glad the letter arrived safely :)

    Your welcome!!