Thursday, August 19, 2010


I woke up around 5 this morning. I suppose I went to bed early but I don't remember falling asleep. My sleeping times and days are all messed up in my head. Last week, Bobby had to work a graveyard shift from 10pm to 8am and then on Monday, he had to go in at 5am to work. Yesterday, I had a scheduled shift from 7:30am to 3:30pm but I thought I was on call, so I call into work around 7:40 and was informed I was supposed to be there already. My morning was off to a lame start!

This morning, I'm for sure on call and hoping and praying and hoping that I don't have to go in.

My jury duty thingie went very well on Tuesday. I had to go in at noon (awesome) and just sat around. They called a bunch of people's badge numbers and told them they would have to come back tomorrow. Then, all the people that were left were allowed to leave and won't have to do jury duty for another 18 months. I was only there for about 2 hours.

My niece emailed me the other day to let me know she received her first Postcrossing postcard :) I guess she has also found a pen pal. For her birthday, I'm thinking about making her a letter/postcard writing kit full of cute stationery, stamps, postcards, and possibly a how-to on making envelopes. I started making postcards on and ordered one to see how it turns out & if I like them, I am going to order some for my niece (because store-bought Las Vegas postcards SUCK). And, I can create custom postage to go along with the card. Ha! I love that website.

I have no outgoing mail at the moment because my boyfriend keeps dragging me out of the house to go drive around all night (he hates sitting at home)

Here are some cute things I have recently purchased (I can actually buy some things now that my boyfriend has a job!)

Super, super cute letter set from Borders.

Another cute letter set from Borders. I had to refrain from buying all the ones they sold. They are all so super cute.

Letter set purchased from Zia's (record store).

Another letter set purchased from Zia's. (I was running out of stationery, OK!!)

Michael's!! Bobby & I went on a shopping spree on Tuesday after I got out of jury duty. Haha. All of this stuff was only $3!! I am so excited to use the tape, they were only .50 cents each!
From Shelita!

From Misha!

From Tracy!

From Monica!

From Megan!

From Megan! She is traveling at the moment and is nice enough to send me postcards and letters while on the road.


  1. oh my gosh that owl stationery is CUTE!! I love it. I got your letter the other day how the heck do you make those super cute stickers??? or do they just come like that?? Thanks!!!

  2. Hey Tara,

    Got your mail :) I enjoyed a lot your letter and the vintage labels!! Thanks! Expect something from me soon.
    Nice shopping! I love owls by the way.

    Have a good mail day!

  3. Katie - I have this nifty little sticker machine (xyron model 900) and it makes stickers out of any paper you put through it. It's pretty amazing, haha.

  4. That elephant and owl letter set stationery is so cute I am almost hyperventilating. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but still.) Who is the manufacturer? Any info?? I've been trying to google it - no luck on - but any info would be appreciated! LOVE IT!

  5. The stationery is by Paperchase! I'm surprised that Borders doesn't list it! The Paperchase website isn't much better but maybe you can find it on Amazon or some other website. If not, I could always take a trip down to Borders for you! Haha.

  6. Ah-HA! Paperchase! Lovely, thank you ever so much.