Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Words

I have work in the morning so I should probably be getting to sleep soon. It is really easy to stay up late when you have people to wake you up in the morning, though.

Tonight I am all alone. I am staying over at my mom's because my boyfriend, most likely, got a job and he has to go in at 7:30am tomorrow to do a drug test/background check. I work at 9:30am and since he does not know how long it will take him and because we only have one car, I am here. I am driving my old car to work tomorrow. A lot of things I am doing tonight/tomorrow that have not been done in a really long time:
- Sleeping alone. It has been about 3 years since I had to do this. It sucks, btw.
- Sleeping at my mom's/in my bedroom. It has also been about 3 years. I am pretty much terrified to go to sleep. When I was living here, every night before going to bed a cockroach would usually land on me or I'd see one crawling around. I am on the lookout tonight :)
- DRIVING!!! I barely drive anymore. The last time I drove was June 7th and before that, January. I guess I'm pretty much spoiled. Tomorrow, I am not only driving myself to work BUT I am also driving the 2nd car I have ever owned which is a stickshift. I love, love that little Celica. And, I love driving stick.
- Using my iBook. I abandoned this computer, also about 3 years ago, once I broke the power cord for it, the replacement stopped working and when the battery needed to be replaced. Recently, I purchased a new power cord for it so I am able to turn it on, the battery just never charges. I am having a lot of trouble typing on this tiny, tiny keyboard.

I think that is about it. Not like any of it matters. I get kind of weird when I'm alone.

I have all morning shifts this week. Not looking forward to working any of them but I like getting out early and the day usually goes by very quick. I'm anxious to find out what Bobby's schedule will be like. I hope there aren't many nights like this in the future. I think I am less productive when working nights, staying up late and sleeping in an hour before going into work does not equal a very good mail friend.

On a lighter note! I had some nice mail waiting to be read when I got over here today. I brought my camera to upload pictures of some outgoing mail but have been to lazy to do so and also way to lazy to take pictures of all of the mail I've received which I should do really soon because it's almost August and I haven't taken any pictures of the mail since the end of June. My life gets away from me a lot. I get into a very bad habit of not giving a fuck.

I really enjoy my life. I'm excited for the future. Bobby and I pinky swore to each other that if Sharron Angle gets elected we are getting the fuck out of Nevada. I'm sure it won't come true if she does, somehow, get elected. Until we can pay off debt and save money, moving is not an option. It would be nice, though. Portland, please. Colorado, you can be sloppy seconds. I'd really appreciate a storefront apartment, if you are so inclined, and make it one that has a fraction in the address (maybe 16 1/2, eh?).

Maybe I should sleep now because this is nonsense. :]
(I think I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight. I'm pretty terrified of the dark)

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