Monday, July 19, 2010

Correspondence Chess

My boyfriend, Bobby, really wants to play a game of chess with someone by mail. If you have a chess board and love (or like) playing chess and want to play a super long game of chess through the mail, please send me an email at .

Do it!!

Yesterday, I was on call for work and they told me I had the day off and then called an hour later asking me to come in! Losers. I said NO because I was already over at my brother's and we we made plans to go hiking at Mt Charleston! It was a lot of fun, we walked the trail for maybe 2 miles (it was 6 miles total). My hips are incredibly sore, though. I haven't had many problems with my hips lately but doing a lot of walking hurts pretty bad.



  1. Wow that would be a super long game of Chess!! I don't even know how to play chess haha! Anywho my husband has been dragging me for these long walks and he is killing me! I am so out of shape!

  2. Yeah (like playing regular chess isn't long enough). I really like walking but I'm out of shape and my hips are like those of a 100 year old. Ha.