Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello, again.

My life is somewhat back in order now that my cousins left! I had to take a long break, we were going out every night and doing stuff ever day. It was a lot of fun but its very nice to be back to my normal, slow pace. Ha.

We went letterboxing one night, which I recommend to anyone that wants to explore where they live. Las Vegas is kind of shitty for it because at least half of the letterboxes are in Red Rock (not my ideal place to hang out in the summer). We went searching for two one night and was able to find them both and the hand carved stamps were so cool! I really want to try to hand carve a stamp. I will take pictures of the stamps once my digital camera is done charging.

There was so much that we did but right now I'm drawing a blank! We tried to visit that Pawn Stars pawn shop but during the day, there is a line to get in and although it says its open 24 hours the actual store closes at 9. You can pawn shit 24/7 though. Helpful for all the crackheads that live downtown.

The last few nights my cousin, Chance, was here Bobby and I took him and my brother out to get drunk. Haha. Its so fun watching drunk people when you're sober. Especially my cousin.

Yep! I have a big bug bite on my arm and it is so itchy. I haven't scanned/took pictures of any of my incoming mail but will probably get around to that today!! Thank you for being patient with me :]

For Kendra!

For Katie!!

For someone from this post. They wanted to be sent calling cards and ephemera from Las Vegas. They were lucky my family was in town because I never go to the Strip otherwise!

For Majela. The Mix CD I made for the new email group I've mentioned.


  1. Letterboxing sounds super fun! There is even one in Fargo but I don't know how long ago it was posted! I'm tempted to go look for it haha.

  2. Go look for it! Most of the time, the people that place them go back to them from time to time and if it's missing, they put it on the clue.

  3. okay I'm stupid and I always see people that want "calling cards" What the heck are they? The only calling cards I know about are the ones you use to call long distance lol but I can't see why you would just die to have one from another state so it has to be something else...

  4. Haha! I never really thought of it that way! The calling cards are cards that are handed out on The Strip for strip clubs. They usually have a picture of a topless lady with stars covering their nipples. I'm not 100% why somebody would want them...

  5. ahhh I see I see I get it now haha. Thanks!