Saturday, July 31, 2010

What, what.

Hello, hello& HELLO!

Not much happening here lately except for lots and lots of mail (mostly being received, some being sent out). I survived being away from my boyfriend for not even a day. Surprise! It was definitely a very weird, though.

Today I worked a wonderful 10 hour shift. I don't know why I volunteered for overtime but I did. Overtime makes much more sense if yr full time, I think but I guess when you don't know how many hours yr gonna work week to week, it kind of makes sense? Irunno. It was a nice day, though and I found out I will be able to go to my friend's wedding this Friday! I'm not sure if Bobby is working or not yet and still have no idea what to wear. This will be my ... 4th wedding. Weddings are weird.

Yesterday I had the day off and visited my family all day. My niece and nephew told me they think I'm 15 years old and I'm not quite sure how to take that. We went through my all of the stuff I left over at my mom's house and I found the new Faint CD I bought awhile ago! I was super excited, I've been looking for it ever since I moved out of my old apartment. Har. I love every single song on that CD. LOVE!

I have a 3 day weekend!!!!

Here is the mail. All of it except for the stuff I received yesterday. I just spent like 2 hours getting all the photos organized on the computer. hahaha.


Reply for Beth over @sendsomething.

Reply for Tillie!

Reply for Stephanie from the Make Every Day a Good Mail Day blog.

Reply for Erika!

Reply for Tracy from the Make Every Day a Good Mail Day blog





A letter from Megan! She has left for a fantastic road trip. I'm very sad to not be able to write her for awhile and also totally jealous. I'm going to miss getting her fantastic envelopes in the mail.
Some of the goodies sent along with Megan's letter. I'm so, so in love with the picture of the girl holding the hammer and sickle flag. Karl Marx is my hero and the Communist Manifesto is my bible.

Letter from Shelita from the Make Every Day a Good Mail day blog

Letter From Marjie or Margie or Maxie from the Make Every Day a Good Mail Day. I couldn't make out her name because of the handwriting (I'm pretty awful at reading cursive) and couldn't find anything on the Good Mail Day blog. Sorry :(



From the lovely Jennifer. She sends the most amazing things and is so talented and creative. Look at the letter! She glued paper to the back of humongous playing cards.
and sent me some wonderful things: Photos, maps and various paper items.




From Tillie! With wonderful stationery

From my pal, Kendra

From Erika! She sent a lot of nice things.

From Tracy from the Make Every Day a Good Mail Day blog. (I just received another letter from her yesterday) She actually inspired me to make my first ATC.

A letter that is pure CRAP! Just kidding. This and the other letter I received yesterday are pure genius. Plus, they are going to play correspondence chess with the Bobs. This is also from the Make Every Day a Good Mail Day blog.

Yes! I'm almost caught up with replies. 3 days off and everything should be even steven.

(don't you just love the water spots on each picture?)



  1. So I got your letter and mix cd a long long long time ago and I absolutely love it I just haven't had time to write a letter back yet sorry!! Well I don't know if I haven't had time or I am just lazy.... either way I hope to do it today. That is my goal haha!! Thanks for the awesome cd girlie!!

  2. Haha, that is fine. It took me so long to get back to you so I deserve it! Glad you liked the CD!