Saturday, April 3, 2010


Its 4 in the morning in Amarillo, Texas and I can't sleep.

Yesterday we left Ryan's beautiful house and sweet, small town that he lives in, Hutto. Time well spent! We made a garden for Ryan, which turned out mighty fine. Bobby and I managed to, pretty much, go to all pawn, thrift and antique stores in the area around Hutto. Round Rock to the west and Taylor to the East. Taylor was a beautiful little town: main street full of old, brick buildings, free parking and storefront apartments. We also checked out one of the 40 best little cafes in Texas, the Texan Cafe, which was amazing.

Last Wednesday, we took Ryan out to dinner at Friday's. We ate on the porch so we could watch the bats fly out from under Congress Bridge. Our waiter was named Sunshine and, yes, a complete hippie but definitely not the annoying kind. The kind that is always happy and smiling, the kind that makes you happy. After dinner, which was the bomb cron, we walked down to the Colorado River and hung out underneath Congress Bridge, listening to all the bats that stayed behind. We met our first stranger, who happened to be from Las Vegas, and talked with him and his wife for a little bit. Very nice people!

Today we will make it to Woodland Park and I can not wait!!

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