Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Texas

Yesterday I went to a stationery store called Paper Plus. I never wanted to leave! I was kind of disappointed because they did not sell any postcards but everything else made up for it. I just bought a few sticker sheets that I could use as address labels, wish I had more money to spend. Going there was probably the highlight of my time in Austin, which might be kind of sad... but there are no stores like that in Las Vegas.

We also checked out MonkeyWrench which was awesome, they had a small section for zines which always excites me because the only place in Vegas that had zines closed at least 5 years ago. After the bookstore we drove down the street to a cool coffee shop and sat outside enjoying the weather and our coffee. The weather was so perfect yesterday, incredibly gloomy but not cold with a slight, refreshing sprinkle.

Having lots of fun in Austin, making many envelopes, hanging out while Bobby and Guy record with Guy's friend, Walker. It is very cool because we are all getting back into what we enjoy doing the most. For me, that is everything that involves mail and for Bobby and Guy, it is making and recording music. Texas is a funny place though because most advertisements make it a point to mention the state. All beer bottles/cans have an outline of the state on them, they make "texas trucks" and something else that I can't remember right now. They just have to appeal to the ego's of Texans :)

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