Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Away From Home

We have been here in Colorado since April 3rd. Words really can't express how great it is to be here. I always tell people that although I was born in Las Vegas, I was raised in Colorado. Even though I was not. My mom raised me with her Colorado values and we would come up here at least twice a year. I was getting kind of homesick when in Austin but now that I am surrounded by my wonderful family, I never want to go back! Guy left on Wednesday, April 7th to go work on a farm near Gardner, Colorado. Bobby and I have been driving around visiting pawn and thrift shops in the Springs. The day that we dropped guy off in Colorado Springs, we had a transmission hose fall off and spill out almost all of our transmission fluid in the parking lot of King Soopers. It had snowed that day in Woodland Park and all of the Verizon lines went down (which is what my family uses for service). After many failed attempts to get a hold of anyone, we ate at Panda Express, went to a thrift store and hung outside of Starbucks. I knew my cousins were coming into the Springs because we were all going to go see Sarah Buxton that night so Bobby and I were just waiting for them to call us once they got into town. Eventually they called, Steve put the line back on and Chance had some extra transmission fluid that he poured in. After that, Bobby and my grandpa went to work on Charlie. They replaced his transmission filter, idle air sensor, knock sensor, changed the oil and replaced one of the spark plug wires. Charlie is running like a dream!

Saturday, April 10th, Bobby drove me and my two cousins, Chance & Alisha, down to Cripple Creek. We all played roulette for a few hours and didn't win anything. Chance put a hundred dollars down on black and hit, which was pretty exciting and fun.

Sunday, April 11th, We all went down to the flea market! I bought a really cool atlas book, printed in 1937 and some old stamps. Bobby and I didn't really try to buy anything because we have no room for it and not too much money to spend!

Other then that, Bobby and I have been making our rounds at every pawn shop in Colorado Springs. I've been using all of my grandma's cool software and supplies to make address labels for myself and a birthday card for Trisha.

Still not sure when we are leaving here, probably sometime next week. Back to real life.

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