Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Funday

The end of the weekend! I'm loving working a normal, Monday-Friday, schedule. That consistency in my life makes all the difference! Did everyone have a good weekend?

Today I'm enjoying the new music video for The Faint. They are probably my favorite band to see live. I especially love the term "dance punks" because it is 100% accurate. Their music makes you want to dance and jump around! My all-time favorite song is Fulcrum and Lever. So good.

Portland weather is giving us a break today. Being from the desert, I kind of laugh in the face of everyone complaining about 90 degree weather but it does suck when you don't have an AC! Looks like we might get some rain today. At least the sun isn't out! Nathan & I tried to go to the Mississippi Street Fair yesterday but we quickly realized/remembered how much we hate walking around in the heat.

My only other plan for today is to hang out of OfficeMax printing new stationery designs! I've got some pretty cute writing paper, some stationery sets and envelopes to print out. My mom also became my best customer on Etsy so I have to print out a few things for her order!

And Netflix, I'm always watching Netflix! Here are the movies I watched over the weekend.
Out of the Furnace, I Do, Black Rock, My Cat from Hell (omg this show), The River Why, The Missing, Homefront.

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