Thursday, December 5, 2013

Self Love

I don't really take the time to talk about myself or personal things on this blog. It's always been tough for me to talk in depth about myself. The wonderful Mary is hosting monthly link-ups and this month is self love. I thought it would be a good opportunity for you guys to get to know me a bit better!

There are certainly a few things I would change about myself but, ultimately, I'm incredibly happy with the person I am

I love that:

I'm patient, caring and friendly (mostly thanks to working in customer service for so long!)

I can quit anything cold turkey

I make some pretty fabulous mail art

I didn't drink until I was 24 and haven't tried any illegal drugs

My best facial feature is my bubbly cheeks!

I'm always smiling

I can stand on my tippy toes and pretend to be a ballerina

I'm pretty damn strong (mentally & physically)

What makes you happy to be you? Contribute to the self love link-up!


  1. Ahh! You're like Kate Winslet in Titanic! That's awesome. :-) I'm glad you took the time to write down what's great about you, because there's a lot! Thanks so much for participating in this link up!

    1. Thanks for the opportunity! I love me toesies :)