Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mail Carriers

For being such a fan of mail and the USPS, I do not have any sort of relationship with my mail carriers. The only one I kind of knew was at my mom's house in Las Vegas, even though I never met him. My mom would see him on occasion and he would ask about me & the letters I sent and received. The mail carrier for my apartment complex seems to come quite early in the morning and I have only seen him once. I do try to wave hello to every mail carrier I see though!

When I was living in my old apartment, I received this funny envelope in the mail and it pretty much made my day. I was a little confused but also really excited that the mail carrier (I assume) wrote "TARA dactyl" on the envelope.

I forgot to put postage on an envelope and they returned the envelope to me with this letter. I forget to put postage on a lot of envelopes I send out, its my very bad no good memory! This is the first time I ever received a form letter for postage required and my first USPS envelope address to TARAdactyl. I like to pretend that my mail carrier just wanted to be one of the lucky ones to send me mail so they sent it back to me in their own envelope! I honestly think this might be my favorite piece of mail ever received.

Have you had any weird postal service experiences?


  1. I once mailed a postcard to my friend in Haliax and I was giving her $20 for a copy of her CD. I folded the $20 into the shape of a paper hat and stapled it onto the head of the person on the front of the postcard.

    When it arrived, she got it in a plastic bag with a handwritten note from a mail carrier or postal worker asking her to please tell her friend not to send money in the mail. I think the staple might also have been problematic. But she did get the card with the $20 in paper hat form. Yippie! Halifax postal worker hero!


    1. This is such a fantastic story! I love that the postcard was delivered with the bill still attached. So awesome.