Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

October was probably one of my more productive mail months. I started getting 2 days off of work, which helped a ton and I stopped waiting until last minute to collage envelopes. I am all caught up on my replies as of today. Today also marks a first: I am completely out of all stamps except for 33 1-cent stamps. Luckily my (pretty awesome) boyfriend bought me some stamps the other day as I can't afford to do so! Hope the stamps get here before a letter I have to reply to does!

It kind of blows my mind that I never thought to collage envelopes before I had to reply to a pen pal! It really makes things so much easier, as I can write a letter whenever and pop it into an envelope. Sometimes I am just completely uninspired to collage and when that would happen, I would stop writing letters. 


My Rhode Island mail collection is growing and growing. I still haven't found a permanent solution to organize it all! I liked having the little file folders that I used in Las Vegas but I would need at least 3 of them. I would really like to keep the letters & postcards separate. I'm thinking about doing binders for the postcards. I would love to have (or build!) a mail cubby thing. Each pen pal could get their own cubby! I think that would be amazing. Do you have any fun or smart solutions to storing your mail? I used to have a neat frame that I could fit 10 4x6 postcards in and it was a nice way to display some of my favorites.

I hope everyone had a nice October! I spent Halloween at work eating all of the candy.


  1. Hello! You should be getting a letter from me soon, I love this blog!
    I am really bad at sorting my mail, at the moment it's just in a box with the same penpals bunched together in sections. It used to be worse - I kept them in my 'HATS AND GLOVES' drawer, so bad.

  2. Hi & thanks! I received your lovely letter a couple days ago :) Just sent a reply off to you today! Sorting mail is not an easy task!