Thursday, April 26, 2012

My New Friend

 If I haven't mentioned that I have a super, awesome, amazing and thoughtful boyfriend yet: I most certainly do.

I have seen this pterodactyl wall decal before, added it to my Etsy favorites and even posted it on Pinterest. I don't know what prompted it but Nathan and I were looking around on Amazon for whatever and he ended up buying me this. I got it at least 2 weeks ago but it sat on the floor, teasing me because I wasn't sure which wall I wanted to put it on. It's removable but not restickable, I guess, so I didn't want to put it up in a hurry and be disappointed with the placement!

Last weekend I decided enough was enough and I wanted this lovely dactyl on my wall ASAP. Nathan helped me put it up as it is a bit awkward to do by yourself. Putting it up only took about 20 minutes and it was fairly simple: decide placement, tape to wall, slowly peel away backing while using a card to smooth it out and done!

So, I have a new buddy who watches me as I write letters. Nathan and I decided his name is Pterrence (and he is pterrific). Seriously, I may be in love with Pterrence. The decal went up so well, no cracks or tears and it looks absolutely stunning! Aside from my desk and drawers, Pterrence is the first thing you see when you peek into my room (he may squack to say hello!).

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