Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, Life!

So, I had all these ideas for things to post about and then life got in the way. As it usually does! There has been some big changes in my life, to say the least. I don't really feel like writing about it here but, if we are pen pals, I will most likely write to you about it!

I've decided to stop posting the pictures of postcards I send out. Mostly because a lot of them are the same and it seems silly.

Last night and tonight, I have spent all alone in my house! It is very weird. I'm happy to have two dogs to keep me company. I had to sleep with music on last night, which I haven't done in awhile! Just takes some getting used to.

All of these pictures are out of order but I'm not in a mood to put them in order.

This a reply to Jessica over at Crane and Co. I sent a letter earlier this month (picture below) and received a reply. I wasn't sure if they really wanted actual pen pals but I at least wanted to send a thank you note for getting a reply!

Letter to Matthew

Reply for a Swap-Bot swap

Mail Art Swap-Bot swap.

Letter for Rebecca

Letter for Tracy

Letter for Becky

Another letter for Matthew

Another letter for Rebecca.

Letter for a Swap-Bot swap

Letter for Joseph. I think he is quite busy these days as I have not been receiving many letters from him!

Letter for Emilie. I loved making envelopes out of whatever children's book this was.

Another letter for Emilie. We had sort of a mail-tag thing going on where we sent each other first letters at the same time. This was my reply to her first letter

Mail Art Swap-Bot swap

The first letter I sent to Crane and Co.

The first letter I sent to Emilie

Letter for Shelita

Because of everything that is going on, I've been using a lot of handmade envelopes rather then decorating plain ones. I haven't been inspired lately. Also, I've ran out of small denomination postage stamps! Super sad. My envelopes feel super lonely and empty without the extra postage :)

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