Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy September!

Last night I went with some friends to go see Shark Night in 3D! It was my first time seeing a 3D movie, I always swore I would never see one because I am kind of a technophobe. I wanted to see it only because I am super terrified of sharks and wanted to see if I could last the entire movie. Also, who doesn't like feeling movie-scared? I haven't seen a scary movie in a long time. It was an awful movie, as expected. The 3D aspect of it wasn't even that scary (although I closed my eyes whenever it went underwater/there was a shark, so maybe that had something to do with it...). After seeing a movie in 3D, I really do not see what all the hype is about! I don't think I will ever understand HD, 3D, Blu-Ray or any of that stuff. I'd be okay going back to VHS :)

Yesterday, Bobby & I tried out hand carving rubber stamps! I am going to take some pictures today and post about that later. It is a lot of fun, though! I have a bunch of different things lined up to post about! Exciting.

Last night I had an awful dream about mail! In the dream, I was over at my mom's house after not visiting for months (weird) and she had a stack of mail for me. For whatever reason, everyone was sending mail to my mom's house instead of my house even though they had sent mail to my house before! I felt so bad in the dream, haha. Luckily, in real life, I visit my mom at least once a week so there is never a chance of that happening! Yay.

Postcrossing direct swap

Postcrossing: HU-38623

From CRAP! They included a bunch of cool things.

Swap-Bot: I <3 Postcards USA #2

From Courtney! She has the best stationery.

Awww, this guy! This is from someone named Janice in Minnesota. It was sent to my mom's address, so I think they are from the Good Mail Day blog but it doesn't say on the postcard. Anyway! Only mail friends seem to give me anything pterodactyl related. I am okay with that. HOW AWESOME IS THIS POSTCARD!!?

From Matthew

Postcrossing: IE-23357 - my first postcard from Ireland!

From Annabell at Sendsomething. I love her handmade postcards!

Swap-bot: Map Postcards #5

Swap-bot: Map Postcards #5

Swap-bot: Map Postcards #5

Swap-bot: Map Postcards #5

Swap-bot: Random Postcard #8

Swap-bot: I <3 Postcards USA #2
Swap-bot: Map Postcards #5
Swap-bot: I <3 Postcards USA #2

Swap-bot: I <3 Postcards USA #2

Swap-bot: I <3 Postcards USA #2
Swap-bot: I <3 Postcards International #2

Swap-bot: I <3 Postcards USA #2

For Natalie at Sendsomething

For CRAP! I love being able to put a bunch of stamps on an envelope.

For Courtney

Postcrossing: US-128036

Postcrossing: US-1280374

Handmade postcard for Annabell at Sendsomething

Postcrossing: US-1280337

For Janice

For Bruno!

Postcrossing direct swap

Postcrossing: US-1280354

For Matthew

For Tracy

For Shelita

For Becky

For Nicky


  1. Hi Tara,
    It's Emilie from Winnie's Girl. I just got your letter in the mail today and I think we both decided to write to each other at the same time! I just sent you a letter a couple days ago- I think they crossed in the mail! Writing you back again tonight. Loved your letter. :D

  2. Haha! How funny. I just wrote you back and sent it today. :) I was wondering how you wrote me back so quickly, haha.