Monday, August 22, 2011

Recently Sent

Here is all the mail that traveled from my mail box in July and beginning of August. I didn't take any pictures of the postcards I sent out while on vacation, though!

I purchased 160 postcards while I was on the road. I found a bunch of cool Nevada cards in Mesquite!

For Natalie at Sendsomething. Postcard from Chronicle Books (Happy Animal Time)
Letter for Joseph! I made him some stationery which I didn't take a picture of

For CRAP! I love those sign language stamps so much!!
For Becky

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For Annabell at Sendsomething - another Chronicle Books postcard!

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Letter for Nicky

For Marian

Postcard for Matthew - I sent this from Wyoming and had to take a picture of it because it is one of my favorite postcards! Plus, I used one of the vintage stamps I purchased in Yellowstone :)

For Joseph

For Courtney! She recently sent me a letter after reading my blog :)

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For Matthew


  1. Hi Tara. I received my letter last week! Thank you so much, was such a treat. Look forward to your next blog post. Yours in writing, Courtney.

  2. Hi Courtney!
    Thanks for letting me know the letter arrived & glad you liked it :)
    Hope to hear from you!