Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, I originally tried to post this on Sunday but the internet went out just as I uploaded all the pictures and last night, my boyfriend was on the computer until I passed out.

SO! I made a little resolution for August where I would make a piece of mail each day this month. So far, so good! I am going to try and post semi-daily with everything being sent out/received. I need to get my life back in order!

Yesterday, I went over to babysit my niece and nephew. My boyfriend had training 9am-11am and then he came over. We ended up staying over there until about 10pm! I really wasn't expecting to stay that long after their mom got off work but we were having fun and she made dinner for us :). I signed my niece up for Postcrossing yesterday, she has been pretty interested in sending/receiving mail lately. She was helping me write my postcards for Postcrossing and her mom said it was OK for her to sign up! I helped her figure out how the Postcrossing website and showed her what was needed for the postcard. I hope she keeps it up!

Tonight I am going over to my moms and BAKING! She got this amazing little book with a bunch of delicious things to bake. I love sweets.

That is about it! I am going to take pictures of the mail made yesterday later on and will be posting again.

OUTGOING[sent aug2&made aug1];;

A reply for Tracy!

A reply for Shelita!

A reply for Marjie or Maxie or Marnie or Margie!
INCOMING[rec'd jul29]

A cute letter from Misha and a super cute picture of a giraffe bball player

Letter and goodies from Tracy!
Letter from Joseph!

Letter from CRAP. They put a bunch of pterodactyls in the background of their letter and sent some nice things :)

Letter from Bruno! Very nice envelope - I want the mail art stamps!


  1. I just "discovered" your blog and love it. It's so inspirational!

  2. Siel - Thanks for the nice comment! :) Glad you enjoy the blog!!