Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Making Mail or Making a Mess?

Monday night I had a lot of fun making a mess and making mail. I put together three envelopes for people from my favorite website, at the moment, sendsomething. All of my mail stuff was super organized in my boyfriend's room but it was late at night and I was hanging out with my boyfriend, watching tv and I didn't feel like making mail by myself in the dark! I took out my main supplies and got to it! Today is Wednesday and I have yet to reorganize it :]

Good news is that I have an interview tomorrow. I am pretty nervous because I haven't had a real job interview in 5 years but I am going shopping with my mom tonight for pretty clothes.

Yesterday, I went to the post office to buy some stamps but the line was crazy long and I didn't feel like waiting just to buy some stamps. After that, I got the brilliant idea to buy them online! I ended up spending more then I would if I got them at the post office but only because, obviously, there is a better selection of stamps online. And I am super tired of the dumb purple heart stamps I have (I always put the 1 cent stamps I have on anything I send out in an attempt to distract from the purple heart stamps). What I bought:

Sent on 5/4/10 to Erika O, Katie Anderson and Judith from

Received this cute postcard from Monica at sendsomething :]

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  1. There's my card on there!! I just received it today! I was shocked! It is so nice. I love love love the stickers and the envelopes I will definitely find some creative ways to use them. I will try to find some neat stuff to send you asap. Thanks so much again!!! ~Katie~