Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Living in a Cloud

Time here has flown by. We are leaving this Saturday to pick up Guy and should be back in Vegas on Sunday. Last Friday, the 16th, was my birthday. My grandparents took Bobby and I out to Cripple Creek for a .49 cent breakfast and we all gambled a little bit but did not win anything! My grandparents bought me a GPS system for my birthday, totally wasn't expecting that but its a nifty little thing. After Cripple Creek we stopped in at the Florissant Fossil Bed's Visitor Center. I really want to get one of those National Parks passports! I regret not buying one there.

Saturday we all, except my cousin Alisha, went to an auction out in Elbert. Bobby and I bought an old surgical box. My cousin and grandpa went crazy buying tools and they also bought a bobcat. Wasn't really expecting that! Saturday evening, Chance, Bobby and I went over to Alisha & Steve's house to have poker night. I really enjoy poker night, I might have to start up one with my family in Vegas.

Sunday was my official birthday celebration with all of my family here! My grandma cooked a nice breakfast (waffles!!) and then we had a porkchop dinner and carrot cake! After dinner, Alisha, Chance, Bobby and I went out to the Manitou arcade but they closed it down at 6., so we decided to go into the Springs and play pool. We went to this place called Thunder & Buttons and played pool for like 2 hours. I had a lot of fun!

Friday and Saturday were the coolest days ever, weather-wise. On our drive to Cripple Creek, it got incredibly foggy and stayed that way until Saturday evening. It was so cool, I have never seen that much fog in my life.

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