Sunday, March 14, 2010

Broken Down

We left Sante Fe on Wednesday, March 10th and drove into Roswell, New Mexico. I was very excited to see Roswell but the excitement quickly wore off when there was not as many crazy alien people as I had hoped. There were a few cool things like fake alien footprints towards this one alien gift shop, alien eyes pasted on the lamp posts and super awesome Roswell postcards. We ended up driving out to the Bottomless Lakes and camped out there for 2 nights. The lakes were very cool, big sinkholes that filled with water, one was 90 feet deep... so crazy to think about. Bobby & Guy were able to fish and caught some for dinner one night. While they were fishing my digital camera fell into the water, Guy was able to get it out but it is definitely broken. I am kind of upset, mostly because it was expensive but also because I can't upload any pictures while we are traveling! At the same time I am happy because it forces me to use film and I am always more satisfied with my film photos. Anyway, camping was a lot of fun, Bobby woke me up in the middle of the night to check out the raccoon that was wondering around our campsite. The night before something had ate all of our tea and hot chocolate so it must have been that cute raccoon.

After camping we drove to Carlsbad, New Mexico and stayed in a hotel for 2 nights because Bobby still wasn't feeling too well. We went to check out the Carlsbad Caverns on Saturday which was crazy! We did the walk in, 80 stories down over a course of a mile then walked through the entire thing. It was definitely very weird to be down there but very cool.

Today we drove into Texas and are staying in another hotel for the night because our Jeep broke down again. Luckily we were in town, Ozona, and close enough to a hotel for the tow to be free. Somehow our coolant cap exploded and leaked out all of the coolant. Unfortunately it is Sunday so no auto parts store or mechanic is open so we are going to take it to the mechanic tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing too serious and all we need is to replace the cap/coolant. Can't afford any more mechanic bills!! If everything goes smoothly we should be camping outside of Austin tomorrow night.

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