Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Day Ever?

Yesterday the Cambridge Typewriter shop held a type-out event. I saw the posting for it a couple weeks ago and was hoping I would be able to make it up to Boston to attend. I was scheduled to work but a super nice coworker covered my shift for me! I was really excited to go and type on all of the beautiful typewriters.  

My favorite typewriter.
The event did not disappoint! It was a lovely day and everyone there was so friendly and welcoming. Nathan and I were one of the first people to show up so we spent some time speaking with Tom (the owner) and his family - wonderful people! Tom's knowledge of all the different typewriters is amazing and he had such a variety of unique typewriters - braille, stenotype, Russian, etc. I spent a lot of time looking at all of the beautiful machines, admiring the different colors and keys. I wanted them all! I spent most of the day typing on a beautiful Tippa cursive typewriter while Nathan tried them all out. It was really cute watching Nathan go from not really caring or interested in typewriters to this kid in a candy store reaction, he started typing letters to his parents and random thoughts on all of the machines.


I love the cream and teal color of these keys


Another awesome thing about the type-out was the opportunity to meet my pen pal, Emilie! We had discussed meeting since I moved out here and the type-out seemed like the best place to do so. It was a blast hanging out with her, even though we managed to spend the entire time at the type-out. Nathan had to be back in Providence kind of early for Waterfire, so we couldn't be too long in Massachusetts. 
Thankfully (or, at least I hope) I wasn't too shy or awkward! I think my social skills may be improving, haha :) Hopefully Emilie and I can get together again and go check out stationery stores in Boston. There was a nice gentleman at the type-out who recommended a stationery store called Bob Slate. After looking at their website, it seems pretty legit! I wish we would've had the time to go to it. I also want to go to the Paper Source and Crane & Co. stores! I'm sure I will be spending a lot more time in Boston in the future (when I have more money).

Our table at the type-out


To end our evening, Nathan was a guest lighter for Waterfire. Waterfire is an event in downtown Providence where they light a bunch of small fires along the river. It is really beautiful to see and always fun to hang out downtown. It was cool to see Nathan on one of the boats and getting to light some of the fires! We also had the chance to meet the mayor of Providence as he was also a guest lighter for the event.

Saturday was full of fun and excitement, a much needed change from my stay-at-home and do chores boring days off of late! I can't wait until the next type-out event.


  1. What a terrific day! And Waterfire was one of my favorite treats when I lived up in Boston area. Worth the long ride to Providence!

  2. It was great - hope to have many more to come! Waterfire is so beautiful and a lot of fun :)