Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Mail

I received the most amazing package from Emilie this week! She sent me this vintage scrapbook she found at a thrift store. It was such a treat to flip through the pages. I'm so flattered she thought to send that to me! I might be scanning some of the pages in, and I will definitely be making a separate post about it. I'd also love to send it on to someone else because it is amazing and I want to spread the joy!

I also received a lovely letter from Mary. It's always a treat to receive a letter from her. Her letters are always entertaining and she always sends some nice things my way! Her letters are almost always filled with confetti, too.

I wrote 4 letters this week but haven't posted them yet. Sometimes I'm really lazy about that. I don't have any excuses for it! At least I'm catching up on my replies.

My pen pal, Kyle, did come in to Portland this week and we had the chance to meet up for pizza & beer. I was excited to meet him and we had a pretty hilarious time hanging out. I really love meeting pen pals. It's always really easy for me because I feel like I already know them, I'm just putting a face (and a personality) to their writing. It certainly was that way with Kyle! I knew instantly who he was when I saw him hanging outside of Powell's even though I've never seen a picture of him before. I felt like we clicked instantly and it was like hanging out with an old friend. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much after hanging out. So much fun!