Monday, December 31, 2012

Incoming & Outgoing 2012


This year I have received a total of 149 postcards:
  • 69 postcards from around the world
  • 80 postcards from the United States

I have sent out a total of 206 postcards:
  • 101 postcards sent around the world
  • 105 postcards in the United States

Oh, letters. I have such a love affair with letters. I love seeing pretty, colorful envelopes in my mailbox. It is so fun to check the mail and see what people choose to send me, whether it be their mail art or a plain envelope. An envelope full of paper bits, stickers, pterodactyls, purple things, or just a letter. The fact that somebody takes time out of their day to write their thoughts, feelings, daily activities, book, music or movie recommendations, whatever they include, makes me so happy. Letters from strangers who turn into mail friends for months or letters from strangers who stay strangers. Letters that include inspiring messages or funny anecdotes. They are all amazing and make my brain happy.


This year I have received a total of 129 letters:
  • 39 letters from around the world
  • 90 letters from the United States

I have sent out a total of 116 letters:
  • 37 letters sent around the world
  • 79 letters in the United States

Looking forward to a 2013 full of mail! Tonight Nathan and I are celebrating the New Year by drinking margaritas at home (millgaritas, if I may). Wednesday is our first anniversary! What a lovely year it has been.


  1. Thanks :) I love my mail collection!

  2. I love these photos! Your Christmas card arrived today too, it was HILARIOUS and fully appreciated.

  3. Thanks! I am happy you got the card before the new year! Haha. Even better you found it funny :)

  4. Wonderful photos for all of us mail addicts. Happy anniversary!