Friday, July 13, 2012


May was a busy mail month!

 a cute envelope from Emilie - check out her blog and listen to her playlist full of songs about mail

 sushi envelope from Megan

I love that the color of the postage stamp matches the envelope from Patty

Becky sent me this postcard while she was in D.C.

postcard from Emilie, which was actually sent to my Las Vegas address just after I moved

postcard from my grandparents

 postcard from my mom

 another pterodactyl from Emilie!

such a cute envelope from Cassandra

collage master, Megan Ruckus

this postcard came from a Swap-Bot swap. My boyfriend was super excited when he saw the card because he loves Ultraman, as shown by his Ultraman piggy bank (one of two).

letter and postcard from Steffi after she came back from her trip to Paris

a nice letter from a Sendsomething stranger, Amelia. She wrote some beautiful things that hit home when I was going through a rough patch

another lovely postcard from Becky

some buttons from a swap on Swap-Bot. I'm kind of fond of the Smokey the Bear button.

 letter and cute zine from Sophie

beautiful hand drawn postcard from Postcrossing. I always feel extra special when I receive handmade postcards from Postcrossing users.

 lovely greeting card from someone on Postcrossing. It has a beautiful shimmer to it.

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  1. I loved the sushi so pretty looking, I also loved the 2 cat post cards wow amazing also super cute. Even the Big Apple post card is pretty amazing. You got some really amazing stuff.