Friday, September 2, 2011

My Weakness

The USPS Online Store is my weakness. I always end up with way too many postage stamps in my cart and wanting to buy all the non-postage things they offer. I kind of really splurged with the last order, it came in a flat rate box instead of the usual large envelope. My excuse? Too many amazing stamp designs this year! I need them all :)

The pile of stamps I purchase

Who could resist this little guy?
In action. I only buy the coils for postcard stamps. I really am in love with these postcard stamps. I love how "vintage" they look and how well they go with my new stamp dispenser!
I have been wanting these stamps for awhile. What better time to buy them now that I am unemployed? Haha. USPS approved rubber stamps = the business.
Hopefully I won't have to make another trip to the online store for awhile! It seems that whenever I have a lot of stamps, I send out more mail than usual. So, we'll see how long these stamps will last!

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