Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Days!

I guess I have been kind of busy lately. I guess. Last week was spent watching over my mom's house. They got back on Saturday and had a fun evening hanging out with everyone. My mom & step-dad went to Colorado before they came back to visit her parents. While out there, my cousin introduced them to the game Apples to Apples which they loved so they decided to buy it for all of us to play. I have to say, that game is hilarious and fun. Also my niece has this game called Smart Ass, which is also a lot of fun!

Friday was First Friday, which is an event the first Friday of every month where there are a bunch art exhibits and music. I actually hate going to it a lot because its downtown and its just a bunch of hippies, drunk people and hipster kids running around pretending to appreciate art/music BUT Asterionella was playing a show at the Neon Venus Art Gallery that night and since we lurve them very much, we sucked it up and went. Such an amazing, amazing show. Kelley is my most favorite singer, hands down! After the show, we walked down the street to Albo's Pizza with Richard, Kelley & their 2 friends. Many a laughs and witty comments were heard. It was definitely an awesome, funny and fun night :] They have another show coming up this Friday! Exciting.

Today I had orientation and training for my brand spanking new job! Orientation was incredibly boring but I had time to stop by Bobby's afterwords, ate lunch and then left to go to the property for training. I'm so happy to know that I am not going to be poor anymore! Thanks god.

Tomorrow night Bobby and I are going to hang out with my old coworker and babysit my other old coworker's kids! I'm excited to see my nice friends again :]

Hello, finally having a social life. :]

OH! My mom brought back Bobby's corn that he planted in Texas (we left it in Colorado) and its so huge! My grandma kept watering and even put it in a different pot (Bobby planted it in a butter thing). Bobby is going to plant it either at his grandma's or my mom's house.

How I love polaroids Swap @swapbot. This was sent to Canada but I only put a .44 cent stamp on it because I'm a dork. Post Office sent it back to me, stamp canceled (jerks!), telling me to put proper postage on it. har har har

First love swap @swapbot

Postcards from somewhere you're not swap @swapbot

Postcards from somewhere you're not swap @swapbot

Postcards from somewhere you're not swap @swapbot

(Seriously disappointing mail week last week. Got to send to receive, though!)

From the Missive Maven. Such a fun postcard & she has beautiful handwriting

How I love polaroids swap from Cakebomb @swapbot

I want to get rid of this card swap from Sunspot @swapbot. Isn't this postcard fucking amazing? I'm in love.


  1. apples to apples is an awesome game!! That last postcard is all kinds of awesomeness!! Yay for not being broke anymore! haha.

  2. WHOA, who would want to get rid of that unicorns-by-waterfalls postcard?? I would want to save it forever and ever and ever!!

  3. haha that Missive Maven card is AWESOME. Along with the unicorn one. I'm definitely jealous!

  4. Apples to Apples is one of my most favorite games ever!

    chrissygee from Check out my Blog! swap!

  5. Katie - Love me some Apples to Apples :]

    Missive Maven - I have no idea why they wanted to get rid of that postcard but I'm glad it found its way into my collection!

    Haylee - Thanks for yr comment! I love both the postcards, as well :]

    Chrissy - Thanks for yr comment, also! I think I'm going to start up a family game night so we can play it all the time, haha.

  6. I heart those polaroids so much! Are they real real polaroids, or just photoshopped to look like them? (I have a fondness for the Real Thing).

    I also love postcrossing - even though I seem to always have to send to Finland ;)

  7. I'm "greenknowe" on swap-bot, forgot to say :)

  8. Hi Anna!

    The polaroids are real :] I honestly couldn't bring myself to photoshop any let photo let alone photoshop it into a fake polaroid!

    I have the same problem with Finland!

  9. Hahaha - Finnish people must all be really into postcards :)

    Great to hear the polaroids are real - can't beat the real thing.