Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I've been super happy with all of my outgoing mail as of late! I still have quite a few replies to catch up on but I'm almost there. These two letters went out at the end of last week. I'm almost out of stamps but I have to wait until December to order more. Ahhh.

I picked up these airmail envelopes in Hawaii. I didn't want to cover up the airmail stripes but they were so white and boring! I had to add a little flair to them!


  1. That's some good-looking mail you've got going on there!

  2. Your mail is the prettiest! I need to not be lazy and start sending more snail mail. ;)

    1. Ha! It's taken some time to perfect my style. I'm super lazy about sending mail too. It's just a matter of being in the mood, and once I start writing letters/decorating envelopes, I can't get enough!

  3. Love what you have going on here!!! Keep it up!