Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly Mail - August 2014

August flew by without me really accomplishing anything. I had a very lazy month of scanning in new images for collages, playing video games and avoiding anything productive! I was on a Theme Hospital kick for most of the month and that is just bad news. I get so sucked in to that game! It is one of my favorites from my childhood.

I'm getting a little conflicted about trying to write letters on my breaks and lunches at work as I just don't seem to be motivated to write letters at work anymore. Typically, I leave a stack of letters I need to reply to at work, and if I find the time/motivation, I write when I can. I usually end up forgetting to bring letters home during the weekend so I'm left with less time to reply!

I received a lot of mail this month! Thank you to everyone who made my mailbox happy!! I also received a mysterious postcard (the bunny one above); there wasn't a name, return address or any indication on how they received my address! Mysterious mail is sometimes the best but I wish I had an address to send a thank-you card back to them! Also, Ciara's postcard (the bear) is just so cute! I would suggest checking out her Etsy shop if you are looking for some fun mail-related goodies.


  1. Oooh, your mail stat banners are pretty slick!
    (And thanks for the link!)