Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The other night I designed a very '90s, very Lisa Frank inspired envelope. The colors of it just remind me of being a kid and the cat's face is killing me. Cats are silly creatures. The whole internet might be pro-cat but I'm just not impressed with them.

I've been really into sending quality mail lately. It's super easy to stray away from packing an envelope full of random paper bits, weird stickers, zines and other oddities. I find that the more things I stuff into an envelope, the more I fall in love with sending mail. I love making a connection through random bits of paper or a weird image. Plus, who wants to open an envelope with just a letter inside? Even if you find that everything included is completely worthless, it's still super fun to poke through the items that were sent to you.


  1. Great fun -- love the envelopes and I love the things people tuck inside -- and the letters. I love it all.