Saturday, June 21, 2014

Incoming & Outgoing

I feel like I have been the worst pen pal this year! I've been sick twice, switched jobs and started spending time focusing on digital collages & my business. Luckily I have some pretty awesome & patient pen pals!

Mary sent me this cute letter full of confetti and other neat bits. Either she forgot to put postage on it or it came off during transit. It arrived in my mailbox with a nice little circle where the postage should've been! I'm thinking the USPS gods are in my favor because I did not have to pay any postage due!

I can always count on Miss Mermeg to send me the best mail. She glued a bunch of envelopes together and filled each one with rad things.

I participated in a little zine trade over on Etsy. I'm excited to receive the zine being sent to me! I haven't had any new zines to read in ages.

 Tomorrow I head downtown to drop off my stationery at Crafty Wonderland. I'm so excited to have my sets in their store!!


  1. you go girl! good luck on your endeavors

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about everything :)