Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stationery Sunday

Through various sources on the internet I have been reminded that April is National Card & Letter Writing Month. I don't know who decides these things or even how you're supposed to celebrate them. Sometimes you have to make things up as you go along so I decided to celebrate this "holiday" (holimonth?) by creating a small stationery sets each Sunday.

Welcome to...

We will now only refer to Sundays as Stationery Sunday.

Celebrate National Letter Writing Month in style with this fountain pen themed stationery! Maybe you can even use a fountain pen to write your letter. The envelope should print out to measure around 6"x5", big enough to hold a sweet mix CD! The paper is 5.5"x8.5", make sure to set your printer setting to "landscape" to print this properly!

Fountain pens and security envelope patterns are the best!


  1. This looks awesome! I tell you you should do an Etsy's printable.

    1. Thanks! I think I will be starting up an Etsy pretty soon. It's just near the bottom of a very long list of things I want to accomplish this year :)

  2. Oh, thanks! I'll use it soon :D