Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stationery Set Printable

I have been hanging out on my bed or couch for just shy of a week due to walking pneumonia. Thankfully I don't get sick too often and my employer was nice enough to give me 5 days off while I recovered. I wish I could say I was productive and didn't watch Netflix all day for five days but I was sick! Not being able to take a full breath makes it kind of difficult to move around. Or just function.

Making up for lost time, I put together a pretty cute stationery set for you guys to download & print out. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you use it! The scallop design was inspired by the wonderful Snail Mailer. Thanks, Becky!

Here is a little step-by-step for making your envelope:

  •  step one: Print it out! I stopped by my local Kinko's to print these out (hi, I need a printer ASAP). I opted for a 32lb paper stock! The self-serve machines made some pretty terrible color prints but they got the job done!

  •  step two: Cut it out!

  •  step three: Fold the flaps!

  •  step four: Lay down some glue to secure the bottom flap!

  •  step five: Put your letter + goodies inside! The envelope prints out so it is just big enough to hold a CD. Nothing is more frustrating than a tiny envelope! 

  •  step six: Address your envelope & add some flair! Don't forget to put it in the mail!

Ready to download? Click here!


  1. Thanks hun! But really I just inpired a thought and you grew awesomeness from it! I hope you will find inspiration in the other things that should be on your doorstep tomorrow!

    1. You're definitely an inspiring lady! Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas AND generosity! The package you sent is amazzzzzing