Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rad Apps

I got my first smartphone at the end of last year. I never really had any sort of desire for one before. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, so I knew my way around the city like the back of my hand, I wasn't much into social media outside of Facebook, and I've never been one to constantly text or call my friends. I carried a simple phone that I could use for text messages or emergencies.

The only reason I even have a smartphone now is because of my mom! She decided to upgrade all of our phones for Christmas. Now that I get around Portland by bus or foot, this little phone comes in super handy when I need to find the nearest bus stop in an unfamiliar area. I have started using Instagram, which I love, and I'm constantly on the lookout for fun, new apps to try.

I found Heyday on the App Store and decided to give it a go. I was big on journaling as a teenager and kept it up into my twenties. I have kind of given up on keeping a paper journal, probably because writing letters serves the same purpose for me. My favorite thing about keeping a paper journal is being able to look back and see what sorts of things I was up to but forgot about. Heyday is a wonderful app that accomplishes that very well.

When you take a picture, Heyday saves that and tags it with a location (which you can edit, as it's not always spot on). You can add text for each day/picture and tag anyone you were with. If you didn't use your phone to take pictures, you have the option of adding a new moment; you pick the date, add a description of what you did/felt/thought and tag a location.

I think my favorite thing about this app is that it's completely hassle free. It chronicles my life for me and I have the option of adding descriptions to complete the memory. I'm constantly trying to remember where I was or what I was doing on a specific day (did I go to the gym last week? when was the snowpocalypse?) and that is why this app is my current favorite!

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